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ShorKing: Cannabis Nutrients Bio Fertilizers for compact crops

ShorKing: Cannabis Nutrients Bio Fertilizers for compact crops

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This product is offered free to all growers and farms. For more details, please contact us via email or call 951-463-0585.   All shipments will be dispatched from our warehouse in Texas, USA

The safest solution and technique to control the plant heights

To reduce plant heights by physically hurting the crops to achieve the compact plants, are not efficient techniques. Because the crops would utilize more nutrients and time to recover from the injuries that would delay the growing season, affecting the yields and qualities. Most of common dwarfing pesticide products have these side effects.

ShorKing, the main function is to help small and medium-sized cannabis, marijuana and hemp plants to produce more branches, strengthen the main stem and promote more lateral growth, quickly mature into the reproductive growth stage; not hurting the plants, not wasting nutrition and energies from injuries, reach a physical state ready for flowering without forcing it. This product is very safe and will not cause any physical harm to all the cannabaceae crops and will not exhibit any signs of damage at any grow stage.

Direction of Usage

Foliar applications - spray and wet the whole plant when required
 Spray this product directly to crops, no need any dilution. Multiple sprays as needed, 2 weeks interval between each spray.
 This product must be used along. Do not tank mixing with others.
 Shake well before pour out of the bottle to use.


Precisely engineered potassium bio fertilizer chelated with polysaccharides. Polysaccharides 1.0%

Safety Caution

Follow the recommended dilution rates, do not over use
Store in dark and dry conditions; out of reach of children; clean with water

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