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About CannabaceaeKings Group

Maximize the yield potential and push the limit of best quality!

CannabaceaeKings Group - the CannabaceaeKings USA Corp. and CannabaceaeKings Canada Corp., are the subdivision of GroHighway BioAg LLC. the professional agriculture product R&D firm with over 20 years of experiences that specialize of the product formulation designing, such as: Plant Growth Regulator, Plant Growth Stimulant, Bio Fertilizers and customized products.

CannabaceaeKings Group focuses promoting a unique product line that precisely designed for cannabaceae crops, such as: Hemps, Cannabis and Marijuana.

Our missions are clear: higher yields and better qualities (THC-CBD). But our ultimate goal is that GROWING CANNABACEAE CROPS CAN BE EASY AND FUN.

cannabaceaekings head office

The CannabaceaeKings Group's headquarters in Texas, USA, occupies four acres and includes office and production areas. The vacant land will be developed in collaboration with partners for phase two of the production and research building development.


  1. RootKing: Enhancing plant vegetative growth. The liquid super formula is designed for the young plants of cannabis, hemp and marijuana for the fast grow roots, massive root hairs, strong stems & health leaves, resulting high photosynthesis, leading to more yields with high qualities.

One-word expression: Roots

  1. MoreKing: Enhancing plant reproductive growth. The liquid super formula is designed for the flowering stage of cannabis, hemp and marijuana for more flower buds, bigger flowers, reduce yellowing and less stresses: resulting high quality and yields.

Two-word expression: More Flowers

  1. AdjuvKing: AdjuvKing is the soybean seed extracted organic substances that chelated with oligosaccharides. This super mixture will increase root absorption, enhance the nutrient mobility inside of plants, assist the insecticide, fungicide, and other agriculture products overall performances. Support on the foliar applications with drift reduction, droplet retention and penetration.

Three-word expression: Improve Overall Efficiency

  1. RepellenKing: RepellenKing is the origanum extracted organic mixture with its unique scents that will expel all the members in acaridae family. It is a product precisely designed to prevent, repel and eliminate spider mites (RED SPIDER) in the cultivation of cannabaceae family crops such as: cannabis, hemp, marijuana and etc.

Fore-word expression: No More Red Spiders

At CannabaceaeKings Group, your success is our top priority. We understand the challenges you face. That's why we offer the customized products. Please let us know what problems you encounter today, give us a chance to help you to resolve it. We invite you to join the CannabaceaeKings community. Discover the solutions that will unlock your cannabis plants' full genetic potential.


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FAQs: Shipping, Payment, and General Inquiries

Q: What is the status of my order?

A:To check the status of your order visit the order confirmation page that was sent to your email checkout.  you can track your order status there too.

Q: How long does it take to get my order in Canada?

A:  Here is the expected delivery time using Canada Post Expedited Parcel from Toronto to major cities in each Canadian province:

British Columbia - Victoria: 2-4 days - Vancouver: 2-4 days

Alberta - Edmonton: 3-5 days - Calgary: 3-5 days

Saskatchewan - Regina: 3-5 days - Saskatoon: 3-5 days

Manitoba   - Winnipeg: 3-5 days

Ontario - Toronto: 1-2 days - Ottawa: 2-4 days - Kingston: 2-4 days

Quebec - Montreal: 2-4 days  - Quebec City: 2-4 days

Nova Scotia  - Halifax: 3-5 days

New Brunswick - Fredericton: 3-5 days - Saint John: 4-6 days

Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown: 3-5 days

Newfoundland and Labrador - St. John's:5-9 days

Nunavut - Iqaluit: 6-10 days

Q: Do you ship to P.O. boxes, or international addresses?

A: Yes, we do ship to P.O. boxes in both the United States and Canada. CannabaceaKings.ca operates with two main warehouses, one located in Texas, USA, and the other in Toronto, Canada. This allows us to efficiently manage shipments across North America.

We are also pleased to offer international shipping to customers around the world. However, please note that shipping costs can vary significantly for international destinations. To ensure transparency and customer satisfaction, we will provide a specific shipping cost confirmation to our international customers before dispatching the order. This way, you are fully informed about the delivery costs associated with your purchase.

FAQ: Payment Methods. Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: At CannabaceaKings.ca, we accept payments through PayPal, a secure and convenient payment platform. PayPal allows for a range of payment options, including major credit cards.

Q: Can I pay with my Visa or MasterCard?

A: Yes, you can! Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use your Visa or MasterCard to make payments. When you proceed to checkout, select PayPal as your payment method. You'll be redirected to PayPal's secure payment page, where you can choose the option to pay with a credit or debit card. Simply enter your Visa or MasterCard details there to complete the purchase.

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

A: No, you do not need a PayPal account to buy from us. PayPal provides an option for guests to pay with their credit or debit cards without needing to sign up for a PayPal account.

Q: Is my payment information secure?

A: Absolutely. We take your security seriously. All payments are processed through PayPal's secure system, ensuring that your card information remains private and protected.

FAQ about product

Q: What products does CannabaceaeKings specialize in?

A: CannabaceaeKings specializes in bio-fertilizers exclusively designed for cannabis cultivation, including products like AdjuvKing, RootKing, and MoreKing Cannabis Nutrients​​​​​​​​.

Q: How does AdjuvKing improve cannabis cultivation?

A: AdjuvKing enhances the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides, aids in their spread and adhesion, boosts penetration, prevents drift, and is compatible with irrigation systems used in cannabis cultivation​​. ​👇

Q: Can I grow cannabis at home using CannabaceaeKings products?

A: Yes, CannabaceaeKings products, such as RootKing, are designed to enhance the growth of cannabis at home, particularly by improving root development and overall plant health​​.

Q: Are CannabaceaeKings products environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, CannabaceaeKings focuses on eco-friendly agricultural practices. Their products are tailored to enhance cannabis cultivation's efficiency and sustainability​​.