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MoreKing: Cannabis Bio Fertilizers for Flower Development

MoreKing: Cannabis Bio Fertilizers for Flower Development

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Push Your Cannabaceae crops to higher yields with best qualities with MoreKing

It is designed to enhance plant reproductive growth, especially when start the applications at different timings: 

* Highest flower numbers when MoreKing start applying at flower bud breaking 

* More flowers with bigger sizes when MoreKing start at early flowering 

* Best flower qualities possible when MoreKing start right at full bloom 

Reduces yellowing, lessens stresses other physical appearances can be observed in most of times. The best way is to use RootKing early to build a super foundation, then MoreKing to bring out the full potentials. Multiple applications are needed achieve the results above. 


Direction of Usage

*Foliar spray-dilution 1:100
(12.8 fl oz per 10 gal or 10ml per 1L)
*Irrigation-dilution 1:1000
(1.28 fl oz per 10 gal or 10ml per 10L)
* Hydroponics-dilution 1:2000
(1.28 fl oz per 20 gal or 10ml per 20L)
Shake well before pouring out of the bottle to use.


Nitrogen (N) 1%, Phosphate (P2O5) 3%, Potash (K2O) 2%.

Safety Caution

Follow the recommended dilution rates, do not overuse. Follow the 2 weeks interval of each application, do not over-use. Store in dark and dry conditions. Out of reach of children. Clean with water.

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