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100ml Trial Size Bottle Cannabis Nutrients

100ml Trial Size Bottle Cannabis Nutrients

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Cannabis Growers: Experience the Cannabaceaekings Difference!


Each 100ml trial size bottle is enough to cover 400sqf (around 200 plants). Just spray onto your plants and see incredible results in as little as 2 days. Notice big improvements in the roots and overall plant health within 2 weeks.

Our advanced nutrients formula provides the precise blend needed for robust cannabis growth and maximum bud yields. The concentrated organic minerals nourish plants at the cellular level for strong, healthy development.

Experience the difference world-class cannabis nutrients can make for your grow.

Product Name

Direction of Usage

Foliar spray-dilution1:100 (100ml per 10L)
Irrigation-dilution1:1000(10ml per 100L)
Shake well before pour out of the bottle to use


Safety Caution

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